Yaran, by Shadi Toloui-Wallace

Dedicated to the many thousands of friends who have suffered systematic persecution, hardship, and even death, at the hands of the current Iranian regime, simply due to the fact that they are Baha’i’s.

This song was inspired by the seven Baha’i leaders currently facing 20 years in prison without trial. They were charged with, among other things, espionage, propaganda against the Islamic republic, the establishment of an illegal administration – charges that were all rejected completely and categorically by the defendants.

Their crime, though, is nothing more than being members of the Baha’i Faith, a religion which has been the focus of a systematic, government-sponsored persecution in Iran since the 1979 revolution.

The charges against the seven reflects the kinds of false accusations and campaign of misinformation that Iran’s regime has used to vilify and defame Baha’is for decades.

Their names:
Mahvash Sabet
Fariba Kamalabadi
Jamaloddin Khanjani
Afif Naeimi
Saeid Rezaie
Behrouz Tavakkoli
Vahid Tizfahm

These five men and two women are all members of a national-level group known as the “Yaran-i-Iran” – or “Friends in Iran”.

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